Utilization recommendations

In order to obtain a fluorescent glow with 3-dimentional effect one has to set Black Light Blue lamp powered about 20-36 kilowatt above the cyber covering in the proportion 1 lamp (120cm) to 3 running meter of the wallpaper.

One needs to have only one ultraviolet lamp for one covering at ones disposal. It’s recommended to use 2 lamps for panoramic views of 3.6m-sized. But this can be defined experimentally depending on your design. If the day light is not enough it is possible to place necessary number of incandescent lamps or daylight lamps for the additional highlight of the room.

Cyber covering could be set with the help of ordinary wallpaper glue used for vinyl or simple wallpaper.



Material: firm, durable, dust-free bonded fabric on the polyester base wear- and deformation resistant.
Colouring agent: highly-qualified dye stuff, approved for use all over the world.
Fluopowder: harmless powder consisting of micro particles, produced from natural fluorescent stone.


Special water- and faderesistant system of multiprint.


Separate picture: 1.2 м х 1.46 м
Standard canvas: 1.35 м х 1.8 м
Semi-panoramic canvas: 1.35 м х 3 м
Panoramic canvas: 1.35 м х 3.6 м
In-roll-design: 1.35 м х 50 м
Border: 0.04~0.1 м х 50 м

Standard industrial pack: 1 roll - 50 м

Standard sheet area: 2.43 m², weight 0.4 kg